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Akina Speedstars
Itsuki Takeuchi
Itsuki is Takumi's best friend. He is VERY annoying and can't seem to get any girls. Itsuki sucks at driving and his car is a crappy AE85 Levin.
Special Driving Skills
Iketani Kourchirou-21
The so called leader of the Speedstars. Even though he is the leader, he still can't match up to any other racers in Initial D. He only has a good understanding about cars but when it comes to relationships, this guy is hopeless. If you've watched Initial D, you'll know what i mean.:P
Special Driving Skills
Hardly any except maybe low speed drifts.
A member of the Speedstars, not much i known about him except that he is Iketani's friend and he drops by at the gas station every now and then.
Special Driving Skills
Never seen him race yet and never will.