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Myougi Nightkids
Takeshi Nakazato
Takeshi is the leader of the Nightkids. Although he is the leader, he doesn't seem like one. He's too impatient during a race and usually ends up crashing into the guardrails. Anyways, to sum it up, he is a determined racer but seems to never win.
Special Driving Skills
Um...stepping on the gas pedal and lighting up the brake
Shingo Shouji
The second fastest racer in the Nightkids. When he races, he would hit the opponents bumper and try to make them spin out. He is a very cheap racer and does whatever it takes to win. His personality isn't that great either but he changes as the story progresses. He doesn't really like Takeshi but they kind of become friends later on even though they both won't admit it.
Special Driving Skills
Left foot braking