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Hey,welcome to my page. Here at initial d Mix, there are lots of pics and information about initial d..obviously. My site might look kind of plain but that's just because i'm lazy. Anyways, browse away and don't forget to bookmark my site because i will be updating every now and then.


Check this out -

-June 29-

wow..its been a long time since i been here.. jus here to add a link to a good site.. a site on Initial D and... a site about drifting

-Aug 16-

finally another update.Jus added sum real car pics and thats bout it..haha. O well..enjoy.

-July 25-

havent updated in a long time. Been rally busy with summer job. my ftp is messed up and i cant find webspace so i can't really serve manga or mp3s. Sorry about that.