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Individuals Cont'd
Kai Kogashiwa
Bunta's rival's son. Kai seems like a second Takumi but with less driving skill. Wanting to be the fastest like any other racer, Kai goes around looking for challenges and uses the strategies he learns from his dad.
Special Driving Skills
The Home Course Special..haha. Which is basically doing crazy jumps with his mr2 G-Limited
Ken Kogashiwa
Kai's dad, don't know much about him except that he is Bunta's rival and he lost to Bunta.
Special Driving Skills
Probably anything that Kai can do.
Good thing i didn't put up a pic. He looks like a women beater. Wait,he is one...good thing Takumi knocked him in the face..haha..

i didn't even get a pic of him..too lazy..:P

Special Driving Skills
He sucks at driving!!