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Individuals Cont'd
Yuuichi Tachibana-42
Hmm..seems like an adult version of Itsuki although less annoying and smarter. Yuuichi is Bunta's friend since they were young. Yuuichi used to always follow Bunta to the races. Just like how Itsuki follows Takumi.
Special Driving Skills
Never seen him drive
Wataru Akiyama
Wataru is the other guy with an 86. He has the same pride as Takumi as an AE86 racer. Seems like a nice guy sometimes, other times he's like a lunatic. and um...yea..that's it...
Special Driving Skills
Wobbling the back of his turbo Levin to eliminate turbo lag.
Kazumi Akiyama-19
Younger sister of Wataru. She is a gentle and sweet person. The type of people who have a strong determination to reach a certain goal. Anyways, she treated Itsuki VERY nicely but just saw him as a younger brother.
Special Driving Skills
Can't drive but determined to get a license.